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Vibrant colors, effervescent spices and sensational aroma is the characteristic of Indian cuisine, this exciting combination along with courteous and loving service is what is packed in NALAN food.

India is a melting pot of several languages, religion, traditions and culture. Indian cuisine is so diverse that you will be able to experience a completely different cuisine if you travel 200-300 miles in any direction. The diversity of Indian cuisine is characterized by the differing use of many spices and herbs, a wide assortment of recipes and cooking techniques.

Nalan Indian Cuisine brings to you this rich tradition of food originating from different parts of India. We have carefully selected an assortment of unique, rare and exotic Indian recipes that are not frequently found in America. Our expert chefs have mastered the craft of Indian cuisine and have not only created some new exciting dishes but have recreated some of the popular dishes with their own creative touch.

We have selected our favorite unique menu that ranges from South to North, East to West. In short, we take you on an exotic culinary journey exploring the taste of royal kitchens across the length & breadth of India.

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